I need your help to launch momentum to my business

My name is Hugo, I'm from Australia, I need your help to launch momentum to my business so I can help people with their financial strategies

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About me

My name is Hugo, I'm from Australia, I need your help to launch momentum to my business so I can help people with their financial needs, home loans, personal loans and debt consolidation.

I’m fully qualified within the financial services area, I have a Graduate Diploma of Strategic Leadership, Diploma in Financial Broking Management, RG146, Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning where I would like to expand my Financial services business in the future and be able to offer an offering with everything that my clients would need without referring them anywhere else.

With my clients I take my time to explain everything, I visit them a few times so they are comfortable with the help that their getting and provide them with all the relevant documentation for them to read so they are well informed.

I’m a very compassionate person, I believe in helping people in need, I'm currrently volunteering for a charity organisation and have volunteered in my local church.

In advance, I wish to thank you for your support.

What Libertus means

My financial services business project is called Libertus Corp which I started over 2 years ago, it is slowing starting up but it needs a lot of marketing to get the word out there.

The word Libertus comes from the ancient roman times, meaning:

The Latin libertus or libertinus (pl. libertilibertini) means a slave who has been manumitted. Through manumission a slave was given his freedom. With his freedom a former slave became a freedman. If (1) his master was a Roman citizen, and (2) he manumitted his slave formally, and (3) the freedman was of age, then the freedman became a citizen; otherwise, he did not. The freedman's master became his patron. Upon gaining his freedom, the freedman, who formerly had only one slave name, gained the name of his master's family as praenomen and nomen. The slave name remained, as cognomen.

A slave might become a libertus by buying his freedom. It may seem surprising that a slave would be able to do so, but slaves were allowed to accumulate money, known as the slave's peculium.


I strongly believe in people being free from debt, to be in a better position financially, to be in the best financial product that they can be in without all the stress and that is why I called my business project Libertus Corp.

The Impact/ your satisfaction

I work full time, I run my business partime, in the evenings & weekends, I built my own web page & maintain my web page www.libertuscorp.co which took some time to do since I was learning on the job.

I have a twitter account https://twitter.com/libertuscorp for marketing purposes, I have tried advertising in the newspaper, handing out my business cards within the local communities and word of mouth which is working effectively but needs more work.

Ongoing advertising is quite expensive to maintain and that’s something that I lack badly and that is why I’m here to ask for your help to get my business off the ground with marketing funds & ongoing business costs so I can help people be in a better financial position.

My business is a mobile business where I go to my customers, I have a home office which makes my business Green & environmentally friendly.

The funds will help me get exposure in the market, for people to know my brand, to trust my brand, for people to know that Libertus Corp can help.

I wish to thank you for your kind support.

Please view the utube link


Kindest regards


Libertus Corp



Please watch this video because the reality of the Australian banking system is a tragic story, the big four banks only look after themselves, dominate the banking industry like bullies, dominate the Australian people like we are their cash cows and just take advantage of every one.
They delay in putting their rates down in full when the reserve bank lowers it so they make more profits.
They increase their rates with no reason, because the rates have been decreasing for a couple of years?
That is no reason to increase the rates again?
They don't notify their customers in advance that they are increasing their interest rates, they don't offer their customers a better home loan?
They like big profits, they pay themselves high salaries, their share price increasing and their share holders getting bigger returns.


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