I just need £1

I just need £1

No two ways about it, I just need £1! Can you help give me £1?

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No two ways about it, I just need £1! Can you help give me £1?

About the project

I guess you could say I am on a delusional mission to find out if there really is "good will" in this world. I am asking kindly, please can you donate to me £1. With the money you can help me raise, I would like to put it in a trust fund for my daughter - that would be great. I'm not raising money for charity, I don't need medical help, I am not trying to play a tiny violin! No point beating round the bush! 

I was diagnosed with PND a few weeks ago. My daighter is amazing, beautiful in fact but I cannot shake this. Am I a good mother? Do I make her happy? Can I give her the life she deserves? I don't know. I'm really really scared. Some days I am fine, and some...not so fine. Is there any good in this world? Because honestly? I am struggling to find it.

Lets be honest, this is a long shot. I'm not even expecting a pound! I'm sitting in bed writing this whilst my baby sleeps in her crib next to me pulling my hair out about life. How can I give her a good life? How can I provide for her everything she needs in life? If I clutch at enough straws will that work? So I find myself on here at half 11 at night. Unable to sleep, wondering if there is good will in the world to help Lila and I. My theory is (sleep deprived, motherhood madness) if everyone could kindly provide us, £1, thats not asking for a lot - its just asking for a lot of people to help. Anyone out there?