Our new film "Newquay & the Gannel MCZ". Aiding education and conservation in the UK and Cornwall. Pledge and get rewards :) Thanks

Please help us to produce an exiting new documentary illustrating the amazing diveristy of marinelife within the Newquay and the Gannel Marine Conservation Zone.

This incredible area plays host to a variety of rare habitats including coastal saltmarsh, saline reedbeds, many subtidal reefs and Newquay bay is an important nursery for many species to mature within such as sharks and rays.

The species we encounter in this area often play second fiddle to the more tropical ones that live abroad. This documentary will shed light upon just how wonderful, colourfull and rich our seas are! Looking at the rich diversity of creatures that can be found in the UK seas nd championing our unique and diverse marine environment.

The film will be an open access production once completed providing an educational resource to raise awareness and educate about the marine environment, highlighting the importance of marine conservation zones across the UK.

It will be available free of charge to schools, colleges, universities, education centres, local businesses and conservation organisations in keeping with our community investment commitment.

Working closely with the Cornwall Wildlife Trust the Marine Conservation Society, Natural England and other marine groups the film will be entirely shot inside the MCZ. We intend to include the rarer and more illusive species that exist in this environmentally important area such as the Giant Goby, protected under UK law. 

The documentary will cover an vast array of life, from the larger marine animals such as seals, rays and sharks to the smallest little beasties such as the solar powered sea slug.

With Newquay being one of the most popular tourist attractions in the UK many people visit this area each year and use the sea for recreation.

This puts it under extreme pressure from human activities. As a result it expereinces a large amount of pollution and without the proper initiatives the threat that the nature of the area will be negatively effected is very high. Sadly we are all familiar with this sight

A clean, well maintained and protected marine environment is key to providing the valuable recreaction activities that generates a great deal of income and jobs for the town and surrounding areas. It therefore fundamental that this environment is protected. To properly protect it we must understand what is there. This documentary will faciltate this understanding and highlight the importance of MCZ and the continued designation of protected areas.

To provide a go to media resource, open access to all who wish to use it (not for profit), is our goal. To illustrate just how rich the area is and why it needs continual protection, respect and conservation measures is the driving force behind the production.

Hydro Motion Media is a non profit CIC and we are relying on you to help production of this film. We believe the natural world to be our most valuable resource. By pledging to this project you are aiding its conservation and education on a local and national level. Thankyou!

Thomas Daguerre


Hydro Motion Media CIC