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I am looking to raise enough money to be able to meet the minimum order quantity needed and to get the business up and running.

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On 30th Sep 2015 we successfully raised £1,390 with 68 supporters in 14 days

Project aim

I am looking to raise enough money to be able to meet the minimum order quantity needed and to get the business up and running.

About the project

Hydrate M8 is a freshly-conceived brand with the aim of delivering a practical health product with a simple yet effective concept to ensure adequate daily water intake.

In essence, Hydrate M8 is a fitness bottle with drink timings on the side of the bottle, to timetable the consumption of water during the day.

Whilst Hydrate M8 is not the absolute first of its kind, the potential audience for Hydrate M8 is still largely untapped and there is strong potential for this product to go viral.

Progressing from the standard fitness bottles available, Hydrate M8 includes an interactive chart on the side of the bottle which enables users to monitor their daily water consumption to gradually and consistently consume sufficient water during the hectic lives we lead in the modern world. Water makes up two-thirds of the healthy human body (source: NHS), which makes its sufficient consumption vital as part of a healthy and balanced diet. Yet, water is often overlooked and replaced by drinks saturated in sugar. The generally accepted advice is to drink 2 litres of water (8 glasses) a day, but the difficulty of remembering to consistently drink small amounts means that many of us fail to consume that amount each day.

Often people go several hours without sipping any water, and then are unable to compensate due to the unachievable and unhealthy amount of water they still have left to consume on that particular day. Drinking too much water in one sitting can have serious health effects, such as hyponatremia (when the level of salt/sodium is the blood drops too low).

Consequently Hydrate M8 is far from a novelty concept – it provides recognisable health benefits and prevents health issues associated with consuming too much water too quickly, or, on the flipside, failing to consume enough water in a given day. Quality, innovation and craftsmanship have always been Priority of Hydrate M8. 


The Hydrate M8 brand will become a trendy leader in the supply of high quality, niche water bottles, and could expand into other sports products based on trusted acceptance. As this is a product-based business with a highly universal offering and an online point of sale, it is conceivable that Hydrate M8 could expand into an international brand.

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