Hybrid pro wrestling

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Hybrid pro wrestling

10 competitors Face each other twice 3 points for winning the match Nothing for loosing We call this hybrid pro wrestling


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We are 4 people who have a a massive interest and dream in pro wrestling we want to make it happen and we believe It is possible with our unique idea we plan on crossing the premier league concept with wrestling so there is ten wrestlers who's face each other twice in one season that means there is a 25 minute time lime on each minute the wrestler who gets the most pin falls in one match gets 3 points if the amount of pin falls in a match Is the same the result will be a draw and each competitor recives a point the competitor with the least amount of pin falls loose the match and doesn't not recive any points. There's 18 shows in one season and the shows are fortnightly we have to ways of watching at a live studio audience or via the hybrid pro wrestling network which all the shows are livestreamed to.