TradeHobbies is a site designed to facilitate easy trading between hobbyists all over the UK, reducing the stress of using forums

New stretch target

we will:

  • increase our marketing campaign to legitimise our online presence.
  • research extra desired features for our site
  • expand our range of featured hobbies
  • look to partner up with hobby events and communities to expand our reach

My brothers and I, as I know many other people are, have always been obsessed with one hobby or another. From playing Warhammer and other tabletop games to paintball and more outdoorsy games, we have always enjoyed selling our used stuff to get new kit or items to fuel our hobby obsessions. Traditionally we have had to buy and sell these in one of three ways: hobby forums, Facebook or eBay with each of these methods presenting their own challenges.

Hobby forums – Very hard to find the item you want countless irrelevant threads to what you’re looking for. After this ordeal trying to buy an item is a long process involving messaging the seller several times and lastly there is a massive lack of security on these forums. I myself have had items not sent to me in the past.

Facebook – having to use your social media for your hobbies causes clogging of your Newsfeed with posts that are not necessarily relevant as well as having to friend people to complete transfers. Facebook also shares similar security payment problems as forums. The addition of tyrannical admins deleting posts makes the whole process even more challenging.

eBay – hundreds of companies selling knock-offs make it hard to find exactly what you want, too many items means finding your specific Hobby is challenging if not impossible and the archaic messaging system makes contacting users slow and frustrating.

These drawbacks drove us to come up with the idea of creating a simple, specific, secure site where hobbyists like ourselves could trade as easily and as frequently as we liked.

With this goal in mind we have created TradeHobbies.


  • Buyers need no direct contact with sellers, however if they wish to do so there is a user friendly messaging system that allows them to do this.
  • Buyers can pay with PayPal or use any card to complete the transaction
  • Listing an item is easy and intuitive, with users being able to input price, description and up to 4 photos of their item for free


  • Users can search for items by hobby as well as sub-categories within those hobbies.
  • Users can search for items by proximity on a map
  • Being a small, focused enterprise, we will be able to ensure knock-off or unrelated products are kept off the listings


  • Sellers require free, easy to set up, PayPal business accounts which means all buyers qualify for PayPal buyer protection
  • Straightforward PayPal dispute resolution system is integrated into our site
  • Buyers and sellers can rate each other with reviews done after every transaction

For this venture to be a success we need capital to cover our start-up and site maintenance costs, as well as our marketing campaign to ensure a healthy number of users and we would be very grateful if you could help us achieve this!

Even if you do not decide to contribute financially to our project, if this interest s you, please checkout our early signup page and you will be contacted when the site is up and running 

Everybody needs a hobby” – James Bond, Skyfall

Thanks in advance!