Hsct for Ana

Hsct for Ana

I'm raising funds for HSCT ( hematopietic stem cell transplant ) to halter MS in Mexico. In UK not many people fits the criteria.


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My name is Ana I'm 37 years old and I am a mum of four. Two years ago I been diagnosed with Multiple sclerosis and at the same time found out I was pregnant with my daughter. I was already with balance problems but I could walk unaided. Last year in Sptember 2015, just 3 months after I give birth, I had a bladder and a horrible relapse. I been left with spasticity, muscle pain and fatigue, all in my legs. Because of that I can't walk unaided no more I use crutches for little walks but for long ones I use a weelchair. Did some research and I know is no cure for Multiple sclerosis, but I found out that HSCT ( HEMATOPIETIC STEM CELL TRANSPLANT ) can stop the progression, when I read that gave me hope. I ask my neurologist about it and the one said I could die, and the other just said no. I also know that not everyone fits the criteria for HSCT in UK. So I decided for Mexico where  is performed the most and with a lot of success.  I been accepted for Mexico in September 2017 but I need to raise 45000 pounds wich covers the cost of the transplant. Please help I want to go back  in time and be a mum and wife I was once before, it breaks my heart that my can't have me the way they have me before I fall I'll,  specially the baby, I wished for a girl for very long time, know I have her but I can't really do anything with her I'm asking for at least one pound donation every little helps thank you all.