Hot Tub Therapy

To raise money for two salt water spas to hire to disabled and/or people with skin conditions ect...


of £2,000 target




days left 

Miss and Mr Tubs hire hot tubs all over Devon and Cornwall.  Mr Tubs started hiring in Devon for just a bit of extra cash at the weekends and wasn't planning on it being so successful! After hiring a tub to Charlie (Miss Tubs) for her divorce party back in 2014 they joined forces and Charlie took control of hires in Cornwall and created lots of ideas and made the business grow.

When the tub wasn't on hire Charlie would set it up and do hydrotherapy with her Daughter Teyah. Teyah was born with a very rare condition called 'Peters Anomaly'. This meant that she was blind at birth and had to undergo over 40+ surgical procedures at Great Ormond Street Hospital in London. After a year of constant traveling to London back and forth, they became aware that she also had a brain condition (neuronal migration disorder) which meant that she had very low muscle tone, developmental delay, small stature and a risk of epilepsy. 

With recent cut backs in Cornwall, Teyah, now Seven, couldn't have hydrotherapy on a regular basis. So, Charlie would get her in the tub as often as she could when it wasn't on hire.

As well improving Teyahs muscles she also had great fun! And her physiotherapist at The Royal Cornwall Hospital was very impressed with Teyahs progress after regular activity in the tub.

Because Miss Tubs has seen the proven benefits of hydrotherapy with her Daughter, she wanted to give back somehow. So, any clients that mentioned they or a member of the family have a disability or medical condition Miss Tubs would give them an extended hire for the same price as a weekend. Meaning they'd get an extra three days hire. Word began to spread and family's were contacting us But we couldn't keep up with the demand.

With the popularity of this, Miss Tubs wanted these clients to have something better than our current tubs. After some research she found a Salt Water Spa with 8 powerful hydrojets and 120 airjet massage system. Salt water spas are much kinder to your skin and has proven benefits for people with skin conditions such as arthritis and psoriasis. The 8 hydrojets are directional so you can adjust them to the areas you require. 

This tub is double the price of our normal spas. Mr and Miss Tubs do not want to charge more than we currently do. So we'd like to raise money for them so it'll benefit people all around the Southwest. They'll also get extras such as spa steps, cushions, floating lighting, and special therapy salts depending on their condition.