Hopers Delivery Fife

Hopers Delivery Fife aims to provide a fast food delivery service within Fife. Anyone who is unable to get out I believe will benefit.

Hopers Delivery Fife aims to provide a fast food delivery service within Fife. I have noticed a gap that is lacking in the community and a fast food delivery service is that missing piece. 

We are aware that many people work long hours and are too exhausted to get in their car to drive to a Mcdonalds or a KFC or even an Asda to get something that they would like. Or are physically disabled or struggling with a mental illness that hinders them from going out into the community. Not only do we feel that our service would help provide them with what they like. I feel our service will provide them with what they deserve. Many people who are physically disabled or have a mental illness face many obstacles to overcome each day that suck the little parts of goodness out of life. Likewise women and men who are stay at home parents and are confined to the same routine that their child have, may not be able to get out during the day to enjoy a much needed break. Understandingly when their child is in bed its the only time they truly have to themselves. How much nicer it would be to be able to pick up your phone to text us what you would like from McDonalds/KFC or even if your needing a pint of milk or nappies from Asda and have it delivered asap and be given an estimated delivery time as well. Its the little things that go the furthest, and making our customers happy is most important to us. 

Hopers Deliver Service has their customers interests in the forefront of its mind at all times. Which is why we are pursuing to purchase insulated bags for our drivers so that the order is still hot when it reaches the customer. If there happens to be a mistake with your order which we will endeavor to never be the case, we will return your order and exchange it for the correct order free of charge and also give you 50% off your next delivery fee as a sincere apology. 

Our payment system will operate as a payment on delivery service. No upfront fees for the customer, which we hope will put the customers mind at ease. Delivery fees will vary depending on areas, however I intend to have designated delivery drivers for certain areas around Fife. 

We are strictly a fast food delivery service and everyday essential service. We are not seeking to expand into the purchasing and selling of alcohol for a LONG time yet. If we did we would be taking the appropriate steps to uphold the legal times of purchasing and selling alcohol and would be asking for I.D before alcohol or tobacco was passed to the customer. We are also a third party and would be stating very clearly to customers that we are not affiliated with McDonalds or anywhere else that we are requested to get items from, and that these establishements do not hold any responsibility for products delivered and/or services rendered.

Any funds raised for Hopers Delivery Fife will be greatly appreciated. Funds will be used on promoting our service throughout Fife and also on purchasing more insulated bags for any further drivers that we employ. All funds no matter how small will go towards the future of this service. Thank you for taking the time to read the intentions of my service.