Hope Healing Centre

All of us at times get over tired and feel the need to get away.  Please help us to raise the money to open Hope Healing Centre.

All of us at times get over tired and feel the need to get away.  Somewhere we can relax and recharge in the way that suits our individual needs. A holiday from the stresses and strains of everyday life, but for some of us it's not so simple.
Flying off to some new destination may not be an option for all of us either because of financial or health restraints.

Younger people may be confused and need help and advise with their life decisions.
The more mature amongst us will have encountered numerous decisions and perhaps traumas already!

For these reasons I would like to set up a place available to all -

A safe place where people could explore a new way of dealing with their problems.
A place where the mind as well as the body can have a work out or a wind down.
A place without time restrictions and where one can explore alternative therapies from meditation to reiki, reflexology or simply just find a stress free zone to rest and reflect.
Not so much a Healing but a Hope Centre open to all -  young and old, rich and poor.

In order to make this vision a reality I need your help.
A small donation from many people will provide the funds to acquire and maintain a centre and provide the services of professionals from counsellors,therapists even Life Advisors and also to subsidise those who can't afford to contribute financially.

Please will you help?  You or someone you love may need help yourself one day.

The Centre, the first of many I hope, will be based in Cheshire.
Everyone who contributes will receive a reward - or a payback once the scheme is financially stable and able to do so.

If I had the funds I wouldn't be asking your help.  I'm sure you'll agree there is a genuine need in this uncertain and stressful climate?

If you could spare a few pounds - but anything would be appreciated or If you would like to sponsor us.

We are setting up as a Charity and I believe their are tax concessions for the entrepreneurs who would like to help.

Thank you in advance and for taking the time to read this.

Any help and advice will be gratefully accepted.

Let's make a difference together.

For further information please get in touch.