HoneyNymph Import Greek Organic Honey Products

HoneyNymph Import Greek Organic Honey Products

Help us buy beehives for the beekeepers in Greece to produce organic raw honey, and let's end the abusement of feeding the bees with sugar.

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The kid in the image is my self and the guy who feeds me is my Grandfather.  As you can see I was close to the bees and their products since a kid :) My name is Paris and I came from Greece to England on 2015 to work and to see what's going on beyond Greece. 

In my 2 Years here amazing things happened but I wasn't able to find Real Pure Honey, Raw Royal Jelly, Raw Pollen, Also I realise that a lot of the Known Brands violate the quality of the product by adding water and different substances to increase the quantity and reduce the price to meet the "requirements" of the market.

 Well, that gave me the idea 5 months ago. I was already in contact with beekeepers because that's what I was doing when I was in Greece, and I shared my plan with them and they got inspired, The Plan they came across with was: "Hey guys, we need to produce Organic, Biological, Raw, Natural Honey and all the rest, Honeycombs, Royal Jelly, Pollen, Propolis, Propolis Cream, Bee Wax Cream, Bee Wax Facecream, Bee Wax Lipbump. The name will be HoneyNymph "Organic Greek Bee Products"  They gave me their permission to keep on planing and making this idea reality to export from Greece and import in the United Kingdom. 

Well, that's what I did, I booked a ticket to fly to Greece to go talk with people that knew what I have to know. That took me 3days to find out, I learned everything has to be done to export products from Greece, they told me they have no obligation once the product leaves Greece then is up to the country that is being imported.

 Well now we got the Beekeepers ready we got the Greek Government and regulations ready, We need to find out what's the UK regulations now. That's what followed, the next days I came in contact with The Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) and I learned the regulations here in the UK.  

Now Beekeepers are ready, Greece and UK solved Now is the logo and the branding time, I love details, One of my friend in Greece is a lady that is a tattoo artist, she paints pictured in bodies, I asked her to design for us the logo, the tickets, the box design, the bag design, the creams design. She is still working on the project we have the deadline set on 17 January, 

Once we have the designs ready we will start printing the labels and the raw products are ready to leave Greece and come in the UK. Why my project is in crowdfunding? Because we now have 250beehives that means 5.000.000 bees this winter will eat honey they produced over the course of the summer instead of sugar and substances that other beekeepers feed their bees at the winter because they took all the honey for sale on the harvest time and if they don't feed them the bees will die from the cold, they don't have the energy to keep moving their wings to produce heat in the hive and keep the queen warm.  

Our goal is to have 10000beehives by the winter of 2019 and help 200.000.000 bees to eat the honey they produced in the summer harvest time. And 500 tonnes of pure organic natural honey ready to enter the market of the UK. We going to need your help to do something like that, 1 empty beehive cost us 32£, To Aquire a beehive with bees cost us 120£. 

We went that way wanting to buy so many beehives because we realised that 95% of the beekeepers feed their bees, Instead of convincing them of changing how to produce honey and buy it from them, we going to manage A LOT of beehives and produce such a high-quality honey that we will force the other beekeepers to start producing organic honey and stop feeding the bees with artificial sugars and all kind of things, because they will realise that is actually possible to respect the bees and take less honey per beehive at the end of the year, create a high-quality product have a healthier bee and a healthier planet and balance the costs because of the quality and quantity in beehives.

Thank you for your time and I would appreciate if you can help me move faster on this worthy project. 

I hope all the best for you! And I hope I will meet you one day!