Forever home - help make our dream a reality

Please help Anna and Chris' dream come true to find our home after the devastating losses of our parents.

Hello! We are Anna and Chris, we are 27 and we are hoping to find our very own home with your help!

Life has dealt us hard hands, but we're trying our best to make our respective parents proud and to get on as best we can.

Anna's Story

When I was 16 I lost my mum to breast cancer. She was first diagnosed when I was 13, and I watched her battle and ultimately, her defeat for three years. It was devastating. She was brave, she was beautiful throughout. 

Life plodded on, I finished school and miraculously got into university. And then when I was 22, just two weeks before my final exams, my dad (who I'm really only gotten close with over the course of that last year) had an abdominal aortic aneurysm and he was taken away from me in an instant. 

Both my parents left me with enough to put myself through uni and to have a little to go towards a house. I have got myself a good job training to be a surveyor but I know that it will always be a struggle to keep just above the bread line. Unless, you can help a little in making our dream come true of owning our very own house.

Chris' Story

It started out as  fairly normal day - mum and dad had a row over celotape (it was a couple of days before christmas), so before heading to rugby we said we'd nip into town to help smooth things over. We were only half way down the highstreet when he suffered a massive heart attack. 

Since that point, I have also managed to get a degree by working over uni holidays and scrimping and saving at every opportunity. I want to provide a home for Anna and myself so that we can start our lives together. 

We really appreciate your help in getting a deposit for a house.