Hindsford FC Energy Saver

Hindsford FC need your help to save energy

 We are looking to raise funds to help with our enrgy costs down at Hindsford FC, we have recently had a MUGA built (Multi Use Games Area) and we have had floodlights put up, we need to save energy as we are a volunteer based local community football club, with 2 senior teams, 1 veterans team and over 10 junior teams. 

Hindsford Amateur Football Club (Est 1926)have secured 90% funding, £75,000; from Viridor Credits Waste Management company to install a Floodlit, 3G,  Multi Use Games Area (M.U.G.A), for use by the local community. The football club raised the other 10%; £7,500. The facility will be used by junior and senior football teams (Hindsford itself have 13 junior and 2 senior teams with1 girls team), netball teams, senior citizens ie walking football, scout groups, and an adult programme from the local Pelican Centre swimming club. Hindsford AFC are looking to develop their clubhouse to provide facilities to match their new development. by improving the clubhouse they will be able to retain and attract more people into sport and maintain an active and healthy lifestyle. The current roof leaks and needs replacing. The club is looking to install a replacement which overhangs the facia to provide cover for spectators but in particular to include solar panels which will generate sufficient energy to power the M.U.G.A. floodlights and the other the other electricity costs used in the general running of the facility. The M.U.G.A. will enable to club to provide affordable and accessible facilities to the community with a negative impact on the environment and by the cost savings will enable the club to further develop the site to be a focus point for sport and general community functions. Government statistics show this area to suffer higher than average deprivation and compares badly re bad and very bad health, in addition housing developments are predicted to increase population numbers significantly so this project will help improve these serious issues. Our project has been supported by the local community. mp, councillor, police, fire officer and many other community groups. W.e have a great need and the developments will create a huge impact and be sustainable for the foreseeable future with a good sports development plan. We can  provide more details to support our application if necessary