Himalayan Research Expedition

Fundraising to join scientific research expedition to the Himalayas.

My name is Joshua Boon and I am a Year 12 student at Ilkley Grammar School. I have set up this page in order to join the British Exploring Society in 2017 in the Indian Himalayas to conduct scientific research.

The British Exploring Society (BES) is a branch of the Royal Geographic Society first set up in 1932. The BES has run over 130 expeditions in its time targeting youth development, whilst still maintaining its focus on research.

I will be studying glaciation and glacial retreat at the 3rd highest weahter station in the world, and the effects of altitute on flora and biodiversity at heights of 6000m. All this will take place in the extreme and inhospitable region of Ladkhi in India. The expedition will last 3 weeks  and take place at altitudes ranging between 4000 and 6000m. All this provides the perfect and challenging environment to study; as global warming is becoming an ever growing problem and areas which are unaffected by people are few and far between. Due to this region being so sparsly inhabited, there are a lot fewer human factors meaning research is still viable in the region.

Whilst the research is the main goal of the expedition, a large and crutail aspect of it is youth develpoment. I will be one of around 60 young explorers between the ages of 16 and 25 who all have great interest in the research we will undertake and the mindset for challenging exploration. We have all begun training both physically and physcologically for the challenges ahead, ensuring we are well prepared for the expedition.

The BES aims to allow anyone and everyone who can show their willingness and aptitude to join the expeditions no matter their race, religion or socioeconomic background. Over the 130 expeditions undertaken thousands of young people accross the country have benefited meaning the can show their comitment to both exploring and research. This has allowed them to persue careers they have always dreamed off with the new skills and experience along with the self confidence all gained from the BES.

I am a science student at Ilkley Grammar School studying Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Maths, and plan to fully utilise the skills and experience gained from this expedition. I plan on studying Medicine upon leaving school, so this expedition will give me vital experience as it will teach me to work closely with a team of likeminded individuals in a high stress envirionment whilst conducting  scientific research.

Unfortunately the amazing experience does come at a cost. Whilst the BES is a not-for-profit charity, specific kit, organisation and logistics does come an individual cost of £2700. 

I have already organised much of the fundraising with local events within the comunity, however being in full time education, and having to study for AS exams, finding funds is very difficult.

I would like to thank you for taking the interest so far, and hope you will suport my endevour.