A pot of extra funding to help you breathe new life into your community

We’ve got £125,000 of extra funding available to well-supported heritage projects in Scotland, the North West of England and the South West of England.  

The aim of this campaign is to enhance and celebrate some important places, traditions and cultures.  

People or organisations must be based in Scotland, North West and the South West of England but the projects can be located anywhere in the UK.

Projects must be looking to raise between £4,000 and £40,000. 

We’ll help you get your project up and running – that’s the easy bit.

After that, it’s up to you to prove that people are getting behind you, and putting their money where their mouths are. 

In this case, your local community is going to be critical to your success – so while you can’t beat emails and social media, you might want to reach out to a wider audience too, whether that’s by running some local events or putting up some flyers at the post office. 

If you meet 25% of your funding target you will be eligible for a decision on receiving extra funding.


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Get your community to back you on Crowdfunder. 

Get Funding

When you reach 25% of your target, we’ll consider giving you extra funding – this would be 25% of your total project size. 

Crowdfund for heritage

Successful heritage projects will enrich local life and make their communities stronger.

Bringing new life to the past

 A few things to think about:

Heritage types

These include archaeological sites, collections, cultural traditions, historic buildings, oral histories, the heritage of language and dialect, natural landscapes, gardens, habitats, species and geology.  

Eligible regions

We’re currently only seeking projects in Scotland, the North West of England and the South West of England.

We're not accepting

Projects that are not related to heritage or that sit outside of the geographical regions specified. We won’t cover costs for money you’ve already spent. 

Cost effective

Project target

Your Crowdfunder target must be between £4,000 and £40,000. 

Apply and start crowdfunding


Heritage Lottery Fund

Since 1994, Heritage Lottery Fund has invested over £7billion raised by National Lottery players in all sorts of UK heritage projects. We rescue historic buildings from decay, breathe new life into neglected parks and landscapes, and encourage communities to record and celebrate their stories.