Hera Holistic Centre

A Community project Sheffield, South Yorkshire

I want to raise money for the work needed to convert a retail unit into a centre for complementary therapies to promote mental well being.

My Vision 

My main focus and passion for my work as a reflexology therapist is to help people with depression and anxiety disorders, particularly mums with post natal depression. I also want the Hera Centre to offer other body therapies such as massage and reiki, as well as psychotherapies - counselling and hypnotherapy.
To help clients relax, recover and make the most of their treatments, there will be a relaxation area, complete with a sauna and spa pool. 

About Me

I'm Zoe, clinical reflexologist at Hera Holistic. I am a level 5 qualified reflexology therapist with a Mastership in Clinical Reflexology.  I am a fully insured member of the reflexology professional body Professional Reflexology.
I am committed to providing my clients with a space and time to unwind from daily life. The difference in the way my previous clients have looked and felt before and after treatment is incredible! (You can find their comments on my Facebook page.)  My aim with Hera Well Being Centre is to promote mental health and well-being through the very important act of self care.
At the moment the drive and vision for this project is coming entirely  from me and my experiences working with mums, and other clients who have depressive or anxiety disorders.  I have seen how beneficial reflexology can be as part of a self care routine and I want to expand my practice into a larger, more visible and accessible centre.   When the centre is up and running I will be employing some staff to help with the business and to ensure that we offer an amazing service to the community.

Well Being For All

The Hera Centre will provide a holistic experience in self care for anyone who needs a safe space and time to help them deal with the pressures of everyday life.  
I want to make this facility easily accessible to parents of young children, who, in my experience, rarely have the time or space to be able to take time out to concentrate on their own self care. To enable parents to come for treatment there will be a small crèche on site.

Achievements To Date

So far I have discussed the project with an architect who has given me a quote for the work.  I have drawn up plans for the development of the centre, I've applied for planning permission and registered the business with Companies House.

The Money Bit

The work to convert the premises into the centre has been estimated by my architect at around £50,000.  I'll need another £10,000 to kit it out with equipment.   I'll be able to fund a lot of the cost through a loan from the bank, but before I apply for the loan, I need to have between 30% and 50% of the value of the loan.  I already have £8,000 and I would love to raise another £20,000 so that the bank will grant me a loan large enough to cover the cost of the project.  All the money raised will be used for the building work needed on the premises and for buying the equipement needed to set up this business.

I believe in this project with all my heart! It is large and ambitious, and will make a huge difference to the mental well being of many people in the community.