Helping the homeless in Birmingham

A Charities project Birmingham, United Kingdom

Helping the homeless in Birmingham

Helping the homeless in Birmingham We do our best for those in need, Be a star and play your part.

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 Hi Guys and girls, I want to tell you a little about what we do,


We are a group of Friends and strangers that do what we can, however we can, for the unfortunate people that sadly end up homeless on the streets of Birmingham,  on the last run we managed to raise enough to feed and clothe 25people and we spend 4 hrs walking the streets,

Please help us to Crowdfund this community project


This time please help us acheive more, as we heavily rely on your kind Pledges whether that is in monetary value or in clothing or food donations,


Every one who helps us volunteers their time for free out the kindness of their own heart.


Its cold out there folks, lets do our best.