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Dear All

I am a student worker based in London. I am studying Architecture in part-time basis, accomplishing my RIBA part 1. At the moment I am in my 3rd year. Despite working I am feeling lately very hard to coop with my expenses and my income isn't that good. In the last year, has been very quite hard to find a proper job in London, a permanet position or a well paid job and to be ablew to support myself with the household and university expenses. Architecture it is a very expensive course and everything related with this course is quite pricy, books, materials, field trips, everything. And it is getting harder and harder my financial situation. Most of the jobs in London for students are casual work or zero hours contract jobs not very reliable or stable situations. I am quite good as a student architect, quite creative and skilled and I really enjoy study and become a very good Architect. I feel that I have that talent in me since early age. Unfortunately, despite my creativity and skills, so far, it heven't been very useful in my life and I am struglling all the time with my finances and it is causing me desruption all the time in my life and in my creative flow.  So for that reason I've decided to create this page hoping to have some financial support and find someone keen to create emphaty with my situation and help me to finish the most important project of my life.