Fifi was spending 9 hours a day in hot car. Owner gave up for re-homing. Funds needed to spay, chip and vaccinate. Forever home needed.

Helping Fifi

We have a Bed and Breakfast in Sarlat, Dordogne S.W.France and early one morning this July I was woken by the pityful crying of a dog. It continued and by 9 a.m., I  went to investigate to find "Fifi" in the car park below our house. She was  shut in a car with windows barely open but parked for the moment in the shade.   I continued to check on her throughout the day but by 3 p.m. she was still crying and the car was in full sun.   Luckily this year, temperatures haven't been as hot as pervious years, but of course I was very concerned, temperatures being around 28C/ 82F , so placed a thick white blanket over the windscreen with a note attached explaining my action and reasons.  By 4 p.m., the car had gone.

The next day I went to investigate and found a note on the windscreen. I had anticipated either no response or a battle of words, however there was a note to me in return saying  that the man could no longer keep the dog that he had adopted, as he was  now living in an apartment.  He wanted to re-home her as  the other tenants and landlord were complaining as to her vocals during the day when left alone, separation anxiety!  Also he did not want to send her to the pound so not a bad man, just trying to find a solution.

I attached a new note saying that I would try to help as best possible to re-home Fifi and contacted various rescue organisations and local kennels for advice.  "Dog links"  put out an sos for Fifi on Facebook

Click on "Fifi".

A potential adoptive family was quickly found but they didn't head advise to keep Fifi on a the lead and within hours she had escaped. Luckily she was found within 2 days and the family realised that not having fencing was not an option for the lovely Fifi.

This gorgeous girl is currently and hopefully only temporairly, with a lovely English couple who have a spare kennel in the Lot region of France. They' re feeding  and training her free of charge, however from September their kennels are full, so we would urgently like to find a forever home for Fifi.

The costs for spaying, vaccinating and chipping amount to  approximately €400 including fees to crowdfunder and paypal -(i.e. about  £350).   Any extra funds raised would contribute to feeding, sundries and  transport to her forever home.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and any donation no matter how small would be appreciated.