F I N A LÊ U P D A T E - S U C C E S S !


Well at 17.17 yesterday, with a final push from a good friend of mine, miss Sarah Crossman, we hit the £2000 target, with a couple of days to spare!

This is absolutely brilliant. It means I can start the next phase of sourcing parts, ordering them and preparing them to fit me. While the parts are en route to me, there is still much to do - I need to get the black undersuit, the rubber waistband and affix a variety of wires onto it, to match the classic C3PO look. Under the foot shells, I will need to wear the thinnest shoes possible, so these will be either neoprene surf socks, or japanese kung fu slippers, which is what Anthony Daniels wore.

There are also other things to arrange - brass detail parts. Voice kit and sound effects. transportation boxes. plating company. hand assembly and eye electronics.

But I'm saddened to discover that another person has crawled out of the woodwork to criticise me (and by extension my friends) for using Crowdfunder. He calls me a con man. Well I have explained myself time and time again, and my sole obligation is to you, the people who have helped me raise the money to fund *part* of this costume. He doesn't seem to care that I was the funds largest investor at £462 of my own money and another £1000 set aside for plating etc. I don't have to answer to him or anyone else. Just my friends here. And I know you trust me enough to rest assured I will do the right thing by you.

Your donations will ensure a lot of good is done. Nothing else matters, least of all the spiteful objections of a petty little man.

This is my final update, so please keep up to date from now on via my blog:

Thank you for your support. I knew I could count on you all. :)


UPDATE #16 ; last few days...


Hello donators and friends everywhere!

As you can see we're in the final 5 days now, and just hit 90%! I didn' think it would come down to the wire like this, so it looks like it'll be a photo-finish!

the remaining 10% or £200 is not an impossible thing to achieve, and I plan to throw some more cash in myself to help things along.

Once the Crowdfunder campaign ends, the story doesn't.

For those of you expecting pics of me AS C3PO the day after the funding is met, I'm sorry. That was never the plan. Once the money is raised, I have to order the main parts of the suit, from all over the world, and start the arduous task of cutting, trimming, filling and amending the suit to fit my frame ( The dieting starts in earnest too - I have to hit my ideal target of 10 stone. I'm currently 12st!) and make sure the entire suit fits me and works perfectly with not too much discomfort (what am I saying?!? It'll be a nightmare!) and once that is done, only then can it be sent to a Vacuum Metallising company for that special gold-chrome finish.

All the work going into the suit will be documented at my blog ( and I'll keep you all updated as often as I can!



UPDATE #15: COunting down - 10 days to go...


Well, only 10 days to go and we're so close!

THANK YOU to ALL donators, past and present!

I'm back form Tunisia - you can read a full report here:

I'm confident that this pitch will hit the target - and I'm also throwing more money of my own in to help that.

Please check out my T3PO blog if yo uhaven't already - from June 15th, this is where I will be updating all about the project.



UPDATE #14: A Galaxy Far, Far Away....


Hello Robonuts!

Just hit 75% with £1506 in the total. (Actually it's 1511, as a fiver needs to be transferred next week)

Thank you to all of you following and donating to this project.

Now to tell you what I'm doing next week....

A terminal Star Wars nut, I'm one of the founder members of the 'SAVE THE LARS HOMESTEAD' campaign - a thing we started 2 years ago while out in Tunisia, looking at the remaining sets from the SW movies. Our plan was ambitious - to raise enough money to go back out there and restore the domed entrance to Luke Skywalker's house, which is deteriorating fast.

Well, fast-forward two years to today, and we've acheived so much - $11,000 dollars raised from people all over the world. Lucasfilm and Mark Hamill himself approve of the project and TOMORROW - 24th May 2012, I'm off to Tunisia witht e team to start work. We've only got w week to get this thing done, but confident we can do it.

Betty Red, a good friend of mine will be taking over my blog for a week ( and she will let you know how we're doing.

Alternatively, chack the Facebook group page:

or keep up with our progress on Twitter:ÊÊ @save_lars

See you in a week's time!

Terry :)

UPDATE #13 (I think!) Home stretch!


Hello Droidmaniacs!

Today we hit 72% with only 29 days to go.

To me, 29 days seems like ages, after all it's nearly a full month. But I can't afford to rest on my laurels, as it's the last few days that will count. Almost everyone I know online and in real life have donated and I hope we don't run out of people willing to just donate a tiny amount just to push us past the finish line!

I will be out of the UK from 24th May to 3rd June, during which time I might ask foir a friend to do a guest blog while I'm away.Ê I'll post up a big blog about my overseas trio when I return, and I promise it'll be quite special!

At that point I'm also going to speak to the person responsible for supplying me with the C3PO suit parts, and by then I shouldbe able to put the order in.

And that, when the dieting begins in earnest! I plan to get my slightly wobbly 12st frame down to a lean 10 stone in time to fit into the suit!

Thank you for keeping my dream alive and I'll be back soon with a special Star Wars themed update!

Terry :)

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