What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a way to raise money, awareness and support for a project, from the people around you. It's means of funding that allows individuals to make their ideas a reality with the power of the crowd.

Crowdfunding enables people with great ideas to raise the money they need, in return for ‘rewards’. The public can back your idea with pledges of money and project owners can ‘thank’ their backers with rewards that reflect the money contributed. Don’t worry - we’ve got some great reward ideas for you in our guides!

Do you have a good idea

1. Create

First you create a simple page on our site, explaining your idea. Then plan for success and start building a team to help you promote your project.

Appeal to a wide audience

2. Share

Next, you tell all the people you know – and some of them share it with their friends in turn... and so on.


3. Pledging

All the while, people who believe in your idea pledge money in return for a reward that they’ll receive if your project succeeds.

Why it’s great - benefits

Validation - Crowdfunding validates your idea and gives you confidence, it proves that people like your idea and will pay or contribute to make it happen.

Funding - You can unlock other funding for charities and community groups this maybe grants, for businesses it could be loans, investors or a pre-cursor to an equity crowdfunding campaign

Advocates - Crowdfunding is for life, not just for fundraising. The people who support you and your great idea become a part of your journey and make incredible ambassadors for your project in the future.

Marketing - When you create and launch your project you have to really think about how you are going to market your idea. So Crowdfunders learn vital skills when fundraising - they learn how to become superstar marketeers too!

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From passion, commitment and dedication comes great crowdfunding projects. Having raised millions of pounds for thousands of projects, we’ve got the following sections that will explain all you need to know about getting your project built. From telling your story to creating great rewards and setting an achievable target. First off its really important to plan your project, we'd recommend you read our guides on Planning your project before you read any of the other guides below.

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Telling your story

First and foremost, people need to understand your idea, why it means so much to you, and why they should support it. Learn more...

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Rewards are benefits, products or services offered by the project. Examples of rewards are thank you tweets, events and experiences, products and mementoes of your campaign. Learn more...

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Your target

When deciding on your target find a happy balance between the amount you need to raise and what is realistic from your audience. Learn more...

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Getting funded

Communicating your project idea with your community is key to getting successfully funded. Sharing your project with your network, and asking them to share it with their network, is essential. Learn more...