How does Crowdfunder work? gives thousands of people the platform to raise money for their great ideas. The people behind the great ideas submit them to Crowdfunder adding rewards, a project video, their story and images. They then spend time building their community and when we think they're ready they launch their campaigns. 

Lots of people – each giving a small amount – can make good things happen.  The ‘crowd’ decides what’s good, what’s not, what they want to fund and what they don’t. If the crowd doesn’t back the project then it won’t happen. 



 Project Owner? 

Crowdfunder is a great way to gain a massive fan base and test your idea out on the crowd, thus validating your idea. A fun, easy and fast way of raising money without borrowing from the banks. 

It couldn't be easier to raise money. All you need is a good idea, five tangible rewards, a short project video explaining what your project is and most importantly passion. 

All project owners offer rewards to investors in return for pledges from as little as £5. And if you don't hit your target you don't get charged. 

Did we forget to mention it's free to add a project, so what are you waiting for? 



We love letting people back projects that are close to their hearts which is why we have made it super easy for you to invest in a project. 

In return for funding a project you’ll get a reward from the project owner.  This could be anything from a ‘big thank you’ to a one off tailored reward just for you, both the project owner and backer win. 

We take payments via PayPal but you don't need a Paypal account to do this. Just go through the Account set up process and then click on the appropriate debit or credit card link and you can pay that way.

We also take Direct Debit payments via Go Cardless. 

Go ahead and fund a project today, there's loads of cool rewards waiting for you.


Need a How To Guide?

We like to think we provide the best of tools to help all our project owners. Our How To Guide offers lots of helpful hints and tips which will help you set up your crowdfunding campaign. Download our How To Guide today. 

We can't wait to see your great idea!