Help young inspiring designer/businessman

An Arts project Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Help young inspiring designer/businessman

Need to raise cash to move to Barcelona to start my own design studio in the home of cutural art and design.

 Need 1,000 to start a new life in Spain this is important becuase i want to open my own boutique design studio in the best place in europe for art and design. I have qualifications and want to build on this in the mecca of culture for the best inspiration for my work and further my clients happiness.

Design portfolio:


In a secondary career move, I want to become a football coach/scout and believe that i can get the best qualifications from the spanish fa and Barcelona fc and contintel Europa is the best base for football. I already have football qualifications.

 Key Funding Points:

@ Design tools

@ Digital products and web advertisement etc.

@ Office space deposit

@ Football course fees

@ ID and travel expenses etc

@ Intial room deposit etc.


I want to move abroad becuase i have always believed that you have to go the birthplace of your field. I have in the past completed an internship at a scouting agency in los angeles so have international experience.


Thank you for reading and hope you can invest in the future of a young ambitous person.


Kind regards,



Jordan Dean-Rennie