Help with my career Change

Help with my career Change

Thank you for looking. After a career change gone wrong thanks to a dodgy training centre, I was left in a un-employable position.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Thank you for looking.

I did a planned career change last year to become a fully qualified JIB Gold Card electrician. I left a good job and budgetted and planned for it. The training centre I went to pulled the final subject from the training portfolio and left me hanging, not only did they miss sell me but they never gave me something I paid for. I needed that 1 subject, the last one to get my grant me access to get my NVQ in electrical installtion and allow me to get work as I would have qualified for me ECS card.

Well. after a year of complaint proceedures and ombudsman etc I got a refund to cover the cost of the next subject once passed that would unlock my access to the NVQ. However as I was unable to work in the industry for the 8 months AFTER finishing the training I was unable to get any work in the industry as I was under qualified and no one would employ me. This put me in debt as I did not budget for being out of work for so long,  So I have had to start my own company and try and build my business working domestically, Well that now faces its own complications as my wife works full time, my 1 child is in year 1 and my other child is 2 years old, so I am only able to work on weekends as I cant afford the £1500 a month in childcare with the odd job here and there that I can only complete on a Saturday.

I am looking for some funding, I need a small work van or and estate car that I can use for work, I need to be able to go out and work. 

I am not trying to make millions and my Company moto is " A Handshake still means something to me" I have a good heart and try to help where I can. I need the kick start.

Thank You