Help a self-employed expat mum!

Please help an expat mother of two, entrepreneur and writer to have more travel and work opportunities.


I'm Gillian, a 35 year old, British/American, self-employed mother of two boys (aged 3 and 6) looking for better opportunities to travel and work, and am asking for a bit of financial assistance to help me do this. I live and work in Sweden, and sometimes I really miss the UK and North America. I'm a certified health coach for pregnant and post-partum mothers, a writer, law graduate and entrepreneur. 

My communications business promotes functional medicine and wellness, and I hope that it will grow so that it will benefit more people who want access to good information. Guidance from functional medicine doctors changed my life around and I think more people could benefit from their insight. With your financial help I will also have the resources to write more plays, novels, poetry and non-fiction articles.

We're a hard working, dedicated little family with loads to give. However, with the dad in a full-time 9-5 job, and me struggling with my own businesss, it would help to have the extra resources at this time to travel more and get more work opportunities. Getting back to the UK and North America more often could be a welcome source of inspiration, warmth and friendship .

Any help you are able to give would be used for the following things:

1.) Towards my work promoting functional medicine and holistic health, as well as the resources to support my writing of fiction and non-fiction books and articles. I'd love to write plays and film scripts as well.

2.) Transportation & accommodation (My son and I have anaphylaxis, so extra attention is required.)

3.) Towards a dignified life while we are searching for more travel and work opportunities