Help the SNP win Glasgow Pollok at Holyrood Step 4

Raising funds to help the SNP win Glasgow Pollok at Holyrood in 2016. Please give what you can & reshare

Raising funds to help the SNP win Glasgow Pollok at Holyrood in 2016. We've a new page for Step 5.

Help us raise enough each month to fund a central campaign headquarters and do intensive canvassing.

The Holyrood constituency of Glasgow Pollok stretches from the Clyde at Govan to the city boundaries at the south and west. It comprises all of the Greater Pollok and Craigton wards and part of the Govan ward.

The current MSP is Johann Lamont but having secured a majority Yes vote across Glasgow, not least in the Glasgow Pollok and Glasgow Southside Scottish Parliamentary constituencies, we intend to unseat her and elect an SNP representative.

Please give what you can to fund our campaigning & then share across your networks. If you'd prefer to give direct then please send to the SNP Pollok Constituency Association 80-07-67 00743206.

If you are kind enough to donate more than £50 to our campaign, your name and address will be checked against the electoral register to ensure that you are eligible to donate. Your name, but not your address, will be made available on request after the election.

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