Help the homeless

Please help us raise money to put together care packages of thermals and winter sleeping bags for the homeless.

Hello all! 

Jenna Lazaric, Drew Elliot and myself are trying to raise some money to help some of the homeless people we see every day living in London.
Our aim is to put together a pack which would include, thermal underwear, Thermal hat gloves and scarf, an inflatable bag that doubles as a pillow, and waterproof winter sleeping bag.
It's so cold at the moment and some of the people we have seen have only had thin blankets.
We have looked at prices and we can put together a pack for £30
We would like to raise £2100 which would enable us to put together 70 packs.
Anything over we will either make more more packs or give to the charity Shelter.
Please give anything you can.
We aim to raise this money in 2 weeks as with the weather being as it is we think it is urgent.
Thanks in advance
Grace, Jenna and Drew

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