Help The Green Party participate in North Somerset

We'd like to fund 2 Green Party prospective parliamentary election candidates in North Somerset and Weston super Mare in 2015. Can you help?

We did it!

On 13th Mar 2015 we successfully raised £1,525 of £1,000 target with 33 supporters in 56 days

New stretch target

If we are successful in meeting our initial target, we will use any additional funds towards leaflets and other election marketing during the campaigns in each constituency, and the local election campaign. Every penny that you can pledge will help us, and we will be entirely transparent about what we use your donation for!

Finally, if we are fortunate enough to have funds left over, we will use these to top up our local party funds, which will also be used up during the election campaign. If this is the case we will publish here exactly what amount will be used in this way.

Thank you once again for your essential support. We could not do this without you!

Please show your support for The Green Party and help our North Somerset candidates to stand for election. The Green Party don't have the same level of financial backing that the other parties have, so we really need to work hard to raise the money required to stand MPs all over the UK.

We need to raise £500 to stand against John Penrose MP in Weston-super-Mare, and another £500 to take on Liam Fox MP in his North Somerset seat. If we can find 1,000 people to donate £1 each, a small amount of money by most people's standards, we will make it! £1,000 will be used for the candidate registrations, and if we are fortunate enough to beat our target, the rest will be used on promotion and advertising for the General Election and for our Local Election campaign. In return for your generosity we can offer our heartfelt gratitude of course, and for those able to make a larger gift, there are some small tokens of our thanks to be earned.



We need to raise two candidate deposits - The fee to stand as an MP is £500 per constituency - apparently this is to deter those who are not serious, but in reality it favours the privileged, and disciminates against those from less prosperous backgrounds, or without the backing of multimillionaires from getting anywhere. With your help, we might just stand a chance.

Brighton Pavilion has Caroline Lucas MP - we are hopeful that Darren Hall will be elected nearby in Bristol West, and we anticipate winning other seats across England & Wales next May. In order to build our profile as a serious electoral force we need to stand in as many constituencies as possible, so that people can hear what we've got to say! We're committed to standing in 75% of constituencies, and we'd like our two seats to be part of that commitment.

We need to fund publicity - The Green Party don't get the same level of coverage as other smaller parties - perhaps because we don't subscribe to the point of view that many big corporations and media companies want us to. We're different, and proudly so! The Greens have overtaken the Lib Dems in many recent polls, and have now overtaken both them and UKIP in membership across the entire UK. With a lot of new activists we can really make a difference locally in North Somerset with YOUR HELP. If the recent Euro elections are anything to go by, WITH YOUR SUPPORT we can really raise our profile and make a difference to the national campaign!

When voters choose the policies that they like, without knowing which party they come from, the Vote for Policies website shows that, based on 2010 manifestos the most preferred party is the Green Party (almost 27% of respondents). That's based on a sample size of almost 500,000 people. It even applies in North Somerset and Weston super Mare as you can see below. Why not try it for yourself?


You may be aware that there is currently a petition about the exclusion of The Green Party from pre-election TV debates, whereas UKIP have been included. With a doubling of membership in 2014 (now over 45,000 members across the entire UK), and a consistent poll standing greater than the Liberal Democrats, we should be included!

Petition: Include the Green Party in the TV Leaders' Debates ahead of the 2015 General Election. To date over 275,000 people have signed.

Please sign this petition! This is about fairness and equality, which at present, doesn't seem to exist within our democratic system. 

We have a growing membership in the area; people who support our policies and in many cases have become very disaffected with the other parties. If you want to vote for positive change, there is only one party committed to ending austerity, with a fully costed manifesto. We now have an excellent MEP for the South West, Molly Scott Cato, so we know there are many more supporters out there across North Somerset.

Many thanks for taking the time to look at our project, and most importantly thank you for your support!

Published and promoted by Tom Leimdorfer for North Somerset Green Party, both at 1, Verlands, Congresbury, North Somerset BS49 5BL.

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