Help save my life

Hello there, I'm Ryan and unfortunately I've fallen on very hard times, My last job failed to pay me and now i'm facing homelessness.

Hello there and thank you for visiting my campaign.

I'm Ryan and unfortunately I've fallen on very hard times.

I was kicked out of my family home 5 years ago when I was just turning 16 and have since spent time bouncing from low level sales job to low level sales job managing to get myself off the streets and peoples sofas and build my own little life with a modest apartment.

This year I've strived to push my life forward, I've secured a dream job as an account manager for a reputable IT company making better money and made arrangements to go to university next year, all was finally lining up for me until the 18th came around.

I left my basic sales role to join my new company come the start of next month, I was promised I would receive a full final wage on the 18th and to my dismay found my bank account empty, they'd lied to me and now I'm on the edge of losing everything.

If people would be able to donate and help me amass just over a grand I would be able to pay my bills and rent and avoid ending up on the streets once again and stop myself from losing everything I've tried to build for myself.

I would greatly appreciate any help anyone can provide, I'm so scared and have exhausted all options, at this point I'm relying on human kindness.