Help Save Elderly Woman From Loosing Her Home!

I am desperately looking for help to raise the funds to pay off what is left of my grandmother’s mortgage due to the bank repossessing...

 I am desperately looking for help to raise the funds to pay off what is left of my grandmother’s mortgage due to the bank repossessing her home soon. We have tried to raise as much funds as we can as a family to help save her home, and most importantly her independents, but we are stuck with this final part. We want to try and remain anonymous due to the age of my grandmother; we don’t want her bothered by media coverage or people in the local area recognising her as she is under enough stress as it is with losing her family home she has lived in for 37 years with my granddad. We understand that before you donate a penny to this cause that a little background is needed so let me explain how we came to crowd funding!


   18 months ago my grandfather passed away after a short battle with cancer, it rocked the family hard and my grandmother more. Unbeknown to use my grandmother struggled to pay the mortgage and has gotten to the point where the bank has come to repossess her home from her and it is only now that she has spoken up and told us. We have tried to re-mortgage our home and taken all our savings to pile in to the mortgage but we just can’t manage to raise the final part. My grandmother is a very proud woman, she has never asked for anything in her life but she has made the hardest decision to ask for help in her time of need. If we aren’t able to raise the money in time then we have told her that she will always have a home with us, her family, but at her age she wants her independents and her home and to take that away from her we fear may be the final push to kill her and we worry about her mental health. We aren’t asking for a large donation, just a £1 to help keep her in her home where she belongs!


   The image we have uploaded is not the letter we were issued with but one we downloaded from Google as we don’t want people to know where she lives or any of her personal information but it is the same as what she received with a demand to pay or loose it all. Please help us to keep her home with a small bit of kindness. We can’t thank you all enough for the generosity and Kindness you have shown by donating to this cause, you shall remain in our prayers and thank you. Kindest and warmest thanks from Myself, My Family and most of all my Grandmother.