Help our kids finish there education

Please HELP me beat cancer and give my kids the education they deserve.

Hi everyone, myself and my wife Julie and our 3 kids moved to Cyprus nearly 1yr ago to start our new life in the sun. I had just been offered a job there and the oppertunity was to good to pass up so off we set to start our new adventure. Having 3 kids at various ages 14,13,4 was neaver going to easy with schooling in Cyprus. Our youngest being only 4, we decided to place him into a Cypriot local school and he took to it like a duck to water and within 6 months was speaking Greek, I can actually say that I've never seem him happier than he is now.  The 2 older kids being ages 13,14, we decided that local school would be 2 much off a challenge for them as they didnt know the language, so we decided to place them in an International school. From day one they settled in amazing which was a surprise as our oldest boy was never the most confident kid at school back in Scotland and his school work suffered due to this as classroom sizes were big and he didnt have the confidence to ask for help. Well within a couple of months his work had improved massively and his confidence started to grow because of the help and support of the school.  

Everything in our life was going amazing, great job, kids and wife happy and we felt like we were living the dream. Until Friday 20th May at 4.15pm when I went to the doctors with a sore head that I had been having repeatedly for several weeks. Got examined and sent for an MRI scan and crashed under our feet as the doctor confirmed that I had a mass on the brain about the size of a  grape. After further test it was confirmed that it was cancerous and would have to be treated and SO begins the radiation therapy and the sickness and the heartache. 

I've had to give up work for the time being and as a family we are now at a stage where our saving are becoming depleted and the kids are due to start back school in September. I dont have enough savings left to fund the next year of my kids education and I cant bear the thought of telling them we might have to return to the UK. My son is in his final exam year at school and his grades have improved so much here that I'm so fightened if we return to UK he is going to go backwards again. 

Im a very proud man and want the best for my family and writing this today is one of the hardest things I've ever done as I've always been a provider for my family and have never asked anything from anybody.

BUT I AM TODAY...Please help me give my kids the education they so deserve.

Thanks from us all x