Hi everyone. We are a home business desperate for more space to house our growing printing business. We need our dining table back!

Hi everyone.

Thank you for taking the time to click on our project.  Myself and my Partner have a small home based business printing personalised plaques and signs.  We have done extremely well, however with three small Children to look after the 'home' nature of this business has now taken over.  Below is a picture of our dining room table this Christmas!!!!


We live in a three bedroom house and simply have no more room to expand what we are doing.

we are asking people to support us in building a garden room to house our printing business.  This will allow us to have our home back and sit as a family during meal times without running the risk of covering our plaques in baked beans!!


ideally the full amount would enable an amazing small space,  however any amount would enable us to improve our current situation,  if this is an insulated shed that would be fantastic also.


again thank you so much for taking the time to read all about our project.


Tom, Jemma, Finley, Otto and Nellie