Help NZaki finish her PhD thesis and graduate soon

An University project Glasgow, United Kingdom

Help NZaki finish her PhD thesis and graduate soon

Help me to get to the finishing line of my PhD by paying the data recovery charge and buying new desktop for proteomic & bioinformatic works

My PhD project centeres around one of the most devastating and life threatening neglected disease leishmaniasis cause by parasite Leishmania. Employing proteomics and high resolution mass spectrometry, I hope to investigate proteins that could be a novel target for drug or vaccine development. This is important as there is still no effective drug or vaccine that could treat leishmaniasis. 

Using this technology also means that I have massive proteomic and bioinformatics data in my computer. I have thousands of proteins identified in the infected macrophages. I used my personal laptop for bioinformatics data analyses and thesis writing. It was a good specifications laptop and handy for me to bring to the university or conferences.

Unfortunately, my laptop recently broke down with mechanical damage, and to make things worst, I did not back up my latest data into an external hard disk. I have sent my laptop for specialised data recovery shop and the cost for data recovery is £ 420. On top of that, I need to buy a good specifications desktop to continue analysing the data and for thesis writing. The cost is roughly £ 300. Proteomics requires high spec computer and sadly the University could not provide me with that. I am really heartbroken by this misfortune but I haven't lose hope.

I am at a very critical stage of finishing my PhD. It's very difficult to use my own money as I didn't get any allowance in my writing up stage. I wasn't eligible for hardship fund by the University as well. Crowdfunding is my last resort and I'm counting on your kindness to help me. My husband work long hours to support us but his salary is merely enough to pay our bills and groceries. We have 2 small kids too, and this makes finishing my PhD on time really important so that I can get a job. I have years of research experiences and I have presented my work in the UK and Europe. I am also trying to involve in public engagement activities as I feel that it is important to inform the public of what researchers are doing. Thus, I have registered as a STEM ambassador. I hope that I can contribute my ideas and research findings to the community.

I hope I can submit my thesis by March 2017. The sooner I can retrieve my data and get a new computer, the sooner I can get my work done. For now, I am using the computer at the University and my husband's laptop just to write thesis draft as these are not high spec pc so I can't use them for data analysis.

Help me to pay for the data recovery and buy new desktop so that I can finish my PhD as soon as possible.  Any donations made will be greatly appreciated and I won't dissapoint you guys for believing in me.