Help my Terminally ill mum move.

Help my Terminally ill mum move.

My goal is to get my terminally ill mom moved to Plymouth so she can spend however many years she has left surrounded around family.

Unfortunately this project was not successful

On 25th Oct 2016 our project closed

My goal is to get my mom moved to Plymouth as we are currently in Birmingham. She is terminally ill and had been told she only has a few years left but has already exceed them so Lord only knows how long she had left. We are gaining money together to move to Plymouth so she can have all of her family surrounded by her. Her son had moved to Plymouth when he joined the navy at 16, he is now 30. The reason for amount is so that she can be comfort to where she moves too and that also when she is gone her grandchildren are taken care of too. 

I know it's not probably an important project to a lot a people but it could make her happy. 

Hope to make her happy and let her experience having her family around her once more.