Help my son get a specialist car seat.

Help my son get a specialist car seat.

To help get my disabled son the safe car seat he needs.

Unfortunately this project was not successful

On 23rd Dec 2016 our project closed

Oliver was just 5 days old when he contracted meningitis and a large blood clot on his brain. We rushed Oliver to hospital where he was taken away from us and put on a machine that took control of his breathing and body. We was told to prepare our selfs for the worse. Oliver was transferred to the PICU at Leeds infirmary where he was kept asleep for a week on various drugs to try and fight the infection and try to make the blood clot smaller Oliver was also having constant fits due to the infection and blood clot. finally after a week they were able to wake him up and once stable we was transferred to a neurological ward to monitor his brain, blood cot and seizures. After a further 3 weeks on the ward we was allowed to bring Oliver home and i his dad was taught how to inject a blood thinning drug into him everyday until we had a MRI scan to reveal the blood clot had gone. Oliver has been left with cerebral palsy, quite extensive brain damage, global development delays and suspected autism and ADHD. The reason for this funding is due to Oliver out growing his car seat and none on the market being suitable for olivers needs as he can get out of all the standard ones. We have been to a specialists who have got the perfect car seat for Oliver it stops him from being able to get out of it and also will be big enough for him to grow into for few years to come. The car seats do not come cheap and we was prompted to get funding to be able to purchase one. The William Merritt Centre were great and gave us all the advice we need on the car seat that is perfect to keep Oliver safe in the car.

Thank you for reading about Oliver.