Help my dream by setting up my own business

I would like to help purchasing a digital embroidery machine to help expand and further my business, creating a better life for myself.

 I am currently studying in my last year at University. My absolute dream is to have my own business making and selling crafts/dresses all linked into the wedding industry. For example; bridal dresses/bridesmaids and embroidery hoops etc. I already have a small room in my parents house where I make things from - I have a sewing machine and overlocker and have sampled things so I am confident that they will sell. However, to push my skills and work further and expand my business I need a digital embroidery machine. This would allow me to personalise wedding gifts and accessories etc. 

I am in a low finanical situation (as a final year fashion student) but this would really benefit me and allow me to build up a life and career for myself. 

I would be eternally and forever grateful for even the smallest amount. 


Thank you ever so much!
Sophie x

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