Help mend a broken heart

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Help mend a broken heart

Long story short I lent a guy I was in a complicated relationship with £100 and he stamped on my heart.

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Long story short I lent a guy I was in a complicated relationship with £100 and he stamped on my heart.

I don't believe it was naive, I only used the money to purchase him a plane ticket to England so he could catch a plane with me for a holiday in Greece as his card would not work on the website. I believed it wouldn't be a problem as we had already booked our holiday and he had sent me the money for that no problem.

A little background, I met the guy in question whilst volunteering in South Africa, I thought we'd had a great connection and we'd stayed in contact with him visiting me in England, me visiting him in Poland, spending New Years together in Berlin and valentines in Scotland. There had never been any issues with money prior to this.

The ticket i had bought him was scheduled to land the day before our flight to Greece but I had been unable to get hold of him since the previous morning. I had no idea what was happening and I was distraught. Eventually about 9 hours after his flight should have landed in England I get a text 'I fucked up, spent the night in jail'

Naturally panicking, confused and upset I pressed for more information but got no response other than 'sorry I was on the phone to my mum'. After which he fell asleep.

Well fudge him, I went to Greece alone. It was not the amazing romantic trip we had planned but I made damned sure I enjoyed it. Greece is Greece at the end of the day.

What hurts the most is after this he did not apologise and didn't even seem to remember my existance, forcing me to contact him to get some answers. He just ignored me. Worst of all this was after I'd confided that my ex ignored me till I had end things which had left me broken before. It's always my biggest fear in a relationship and has left me damaged. I don't deal with emotions well nor do I enjoy this confusing rejection. I want to heal, I'd love to get back on track, but I find myself breaking down.

So all I ask is you help me move on from this by resolving the one issue that can be controlled. I've tried to ask him for the money but he just ignores me. Please help!!