Help me volunteer in Ukraine

I am going to be heading to Ukraine to volunteer in June and I would love it, if you could help me raise funds for this!

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This project is using Flexible funding and will receive all pledges made by 2:08pm 2nd June 2017

In June 2017 I will be heading to Ukraine, to volunteer on one of the GoGlobal English Summer Camps.  Main main task will be to help Ukrainian children to develop their English language skills and to help them with language barrier. 

* The aim of the project

The main goal is to educate a new young generation of active and conscious citizens of Ukraine, capable of life long learning, and prepared for the challenges of the 21st century, fluent in foreign languages and open to other cultures and experiences.

During the GoCamp project, children will take part in the implementation of challenging projects and tasks, communicate in English with foreign volunteers and have fun. Using a specially developed programme, children will learn to work in teams, communicate in a multicultural environment, think critically, and be tolerant to others.

* The tasks of the organisation 

-> develop life skills, leadership qualities and values which will prepare the youth for the challenges of the 21st century

-> overcome the language barrier 

->teach children to think out of the box, go beyond conventional subjects and see connections between various phenomena and objects 

->establish exchange of cultural values and expansion of outlook 

->make the camp a trial area for trying out innovative teaching methods and approaches 

->break stereotypes about Ukraine among foreigners 

->make the volunteer movement popular in Ukraine

->facilitate positive positioning of Ukraine in the world 

* Why have I chosen this volunteering project? 

-> I love to work with kids a lot!
-> I am convinced that my experience, personality and knowledge can bring a lot to the program
-> I have been always dreaming about visiting the county that my ancestors came from
-> I would love to tell Ukrainian kids : ‘It’s down to you, mate! Fake it till you make it!’ 
->  I really want to make a difference to people's lives

* Where will the money

The money you donate will go towards the costs of making my volunteer programme possible. (flights, fee, other related expenses) 

My expenses : 
- £ 100 - flight to Kiev 
-£ 100- travel back to UK 
- around £50 - train & bus tickets 
- $ 75- fee 

Check out the rewards I am offering if you donate. 
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You don’t need to give me money to help me succeed (although that would be lovely and I would very appreciate your help and support!) You can help my project by sharing this with everyone you know as I think it's a worthy cause and the more people who know about it the more likely I am to reach my target. If I exceed my target, I would love to buy some English language books for the kids that I will be working with in Ukraine! 


About myself

My name is Magdalena Ewa Mazur. I come from Poland, live in UK. I am theatre maker, actress and vocalist graduated from Aberystwyth University in 2015. (BA Drama, Theatre and Performance) I am a co-founder of Experimental Acting Studio based in Aberystwyth, Wales. I am deeply in love with cats, making art, travelling, making changes, green tea and helping people in need.  I like kids and working with them a lot. I am interested in spiritual and emotional growth as well as body and voice training. My motto: ‘Question everything. Find your own light’. I am dreaming about volunteering in India which is going to be my next goal.