Put The Kettle On!

Put The Kettle On!

 I would like to start a new business which will be profitable for both the young generation and the older generation! 

We did it!

On 9th Feb 2016 we successfully raised £10 with 1 supporter in 42 days

My Business Plan

I will be hiring young, financially struggling students/unemployed people for easy and rewarding work.

My customers are elderly people who are finding it hard to perform daily tasks such as getting the shopping, cleaning, cooking, gardening etc.

More and more elderly people struggle to cope on their own especially with the world changing so quickly. The fear of eventually not being able to perform necessary tasks each day can be haunting when knowing the only other option is living in a care home. 

Constant adverts from Age UK also tell us about lonely older people too and regularly ask us to donate. 

The young staff I will be employing for my agency will have an easy and rewarding time when helping the elderly customers. Firstly, all staff will be paid over national minumum wage. Secondly, my young employees will recognise the positive feeling from helping an old man or woman who is struggling with easy chores. I could go on and on, but thirdly, my young workers will learn the importance of kindness and looking after your elders. The stories they will hear will change their lives!

This is also a good tester job for young people who may be interested in working in elderly care, which is forever growing due to the increasing population.

The benefits for my elderly customers are - 

  • Help with daily tasks and chores.

  • A new companion to talk and share stories with.

  • The rewarding feeling knowing they are helping to support the younger generation.


The funds I recieve from Crowdfunder.co.uk will help dramatically with the set up of this business. Initially, I need to fund DBS criminal checks on all of my employees, the start up advertising and staff clothing.


Please help, what I think, is a very worthy business idea. The unemployed have jobs. The retired elderly have help.

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