Bernadette needs you!!! Dental Cosmetic Surgery.

Bernadette needs you!!! Dental Cosmetic Surgery.

Contribution will go through me having cosmetic implant and I have the idea to later start "beautiful teeth foundation" to also help others.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Hi, My name is Bernadette

I had tooth problem since I was a little girl and I have spent all the litte money I had, to have it repair.

But recently, it became worst. I lost my confidence, I can only do small jobs and I strongly believe it is part of my dental issue. And not only that, I read that Even a mild toothache can quickly die from it. I am afraid! To have implant and pay to visit orthondist are quite expensive.

I would like your help, your contribution will go through having cosmetic implant , I have the full set of the lower to have done- And to have this done this will require £7,500 to go from travel to the dental visit - gum specialist - artifical root implant - replacement with artificial teeth.

1 single Crown cost = £250

Abutment = £180

Implant = 400

Having this done will change my whole life and I will regain my confidence

and if successful any extra make will go to the investment of a quality website for the creation "Beautiful teeth foundation"with membership login to help other young people with serious tooth issue, gain their confidence back.

Please help me change my life, help me change my smile.

"Anyone can die of a toothache."— John Cortes on Wednesday, January 13th, 2016 in a House Health Innovation Subcommittee meeting.

A little bit about myself,

I am currently a postgraduate with Human Resource and Business Management and I have worked for the past five years in customer service for international brand. And my dream would be to start my own business.