Helping to ensure longterm survival of the islands key species; hawksbill turtles and lemon sharks through habitat rehabilition and surveys

When volunteering on Mahe and Curieuse for 6 weeks I will be helping with existing conservation efforts to ensure longterm survival of the islands key species hawksbill and green turtles aswell the sicklefin lemon shark, while also collecting data for the local government to use.

Whilst on the island I'll be helping with habitat rehabilitation through re-vegetation and mangrove planting, shark tagging and release to research movement patterns, growth and survival rate - also shedding light on the time of year that they pup so more protected areas and time frames can be established. I will also be taking part in beach cleans and environmental education classes.

When out diving I'll be doing coral reef monitoring and recovery research, sea turtle research, invertebrate and fish surveys and helping develop an awareness program for environmental awareness.

My long-term goal in life is to work together with local communities and recent graduates to establish and maintain marine protected areas with ongoing education to the wider community and giving ideas as to how we can better protect our oceans as a collective.

The amount I need to fundraise here just covers the costs of the 6 week volunteer programme. Here a wee video from their website about the volunteer programme 

Our oceans are so important and I am so excited to be a part of a positive movement that helps to preserve them.