Help me pay my LLB degree! PLEASE!

If you ever had a dream to achieve something then you know how I feel right now. Please help me raise the money to pay for my 1st year!


I have literally run out of options, so now I am kindly asking for your help to raise money to pay for my tuition fees.

I started my path in law at Bexley college where I did my Diploma in paralegal studies and access to law finishing with mostly distinctions and merits. I am really passionate about becoming a barrister, it has always been my goal in life. I believe I can make a change somehow and help others but I need to complete my degree in order to folllow through with my plans to do so.

During my 1st year at university due to family issues I had to drop out of university but I decided to not give up and continue on my journey. I returned to university and have now completed the first year succesfully and I'm ready to move on to my second year but unfortunately as SFE did not agree to pay for the last year I am now in debt with my university and therefore won't be allowed to re-enrolled for the second year until this is cleared. 

I have until the 1st of October 2016  to come up with £9,000 to pay it, SFE will be paying  for the second and third year. I have tried to come up with the money through other ways but it has been impossible to get such amount in such short period of time, and other students recommended this method. 

I really hope you can help me.