Help me get to the SN Judo British Open

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Help me get to the SN Judo British Open

Raising funds to enable me to get to compete at the 2016 Special Needs Judo British Open


I am raising funds to help me get to and compete in the 2016 Special Needs Judo British Open. 


In 2014 i was diagnosed with a rare degenerative spinal chord disease known as Syringomyelia. A few months later i was also diagnosed with M.E. Combined the two conditions leave me with a great deal of pain, issues with vision and speech, weakness in the left hand side of my body, fatigue and a number of other issues. 

Prior to diagnoses i made the decision to try and lead a more healthier life and took up Judo. I had aspirations of representing my island Jersey in international competiton and hoped to fight at the Island Games. However since diagnoses i have had to put that to one side and have become a Special Needs, Disability, Judoka. I struggle greatly training with the mainstream players at my club but am very fortunate that they are very supportive as is my coach.

This year i decided that i wanted to pick up my aspiration of international competition, however my competing time is to be short as the condition worsens, and now i have been told i have 2-3 years left of being able to compete. This means if i am to do it i must do it now. So in 2016 i hope to fight for Jersey at the British open and then fight in 2018 in the European Open in Holland.

I am hoping to raise £500 to aid me with this. The money will assist with training, travel and accomodation costs and anything you can spare will be greatly appreciated.


Thank you.