Christmas Art Fund

Christmas Art Fund

Please help me get home for christmas. I am unable to make rent this month or even able to afford a train ticket home. Can you help me?

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 Hi there,


I am currently in a stressful situation at the moment.  Long story short - I moved down to Portsmouth February this year with my partner, everything was great, I found a job, loved our home and everything was perfect.  Unfortunately that didn't last very long.  My partner was made redundant, we lost our home and had to move elsewhere, and I am also in danger of being made redundant in my own job. 


Unfortunately I need money to make this months rent (19th December) and, if possible, be able to buy a train ticket home so I can see my family for Christmas. 


Donations are welcome and highly appreciated - and for those who want something in return I would be happy for do any drawing of your choice just to say thank you for your help.

Thank you for your time.