Help me expand my business.

Help me expand my business.

To expand my virtual assistant business, to fit the amount of new clients I have and additional services offered. To be able to hire staff.


of £20,000 target




days left

I am a virtual assistant who is growing larger than I have space for at home. I previously worked as a PA for 8 years-I decided it was time to work for myself as I needed the flexibility.  After attending some networking events, I've secured new clients that require services that I offer at a larger scale but I currently don't have the space in my home office to achieve my goal. Nor do I have the equipment that will allow me to fulfil my clients needs. Your help will assist me in getting a better office space and equipment to allow me to grow my business. It will also enable me to hire three people.

Your donations will allow for a bigger office space, equipment and additional software that is needed to expand.

I would really appreciate your consideration, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch. 

Many thanks in advance