BRING MOTHER AND TWO CHILDREN BACK TOGETHER i will donate 30 percent net from my travel agency to helping families

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Could you refuse help this lady ?

Share this all please breaks my heart

No child support and tax credits there or government houses like England uk… share this all take bookings , send me booking defence number avd get paid

Help Maryjane start as booking agent flights and hotel rooms resort

Help Maryjane get house rented to bring her and her kids back together , she is working manila while kids province with granny.

Let's start bringing families back together cause men phillipinnes are total losers and refuse supprt there kids (not just phillipinnes i know, lets start there, and then pick next country, only those in jobs, get help) not those to lazy to help thenselves

My goal is to raise 1500 pounds, which will pay 12 months rent at 7500 pesos per month, at time of posting, exchange rate was 62 pesos per british pound , maryjane other bills, like ground rent and food electric and water, will be paid out her wages of 7000 pesos a month, or just over a 100 pounds a month, yes that is month wages there.

like i said they dont get child support, tax credits, or housing support there, like in UNITED KINGDOM,  nation living of the tax payer.

30 percent my travel agemcy will go helping people, so if you not want donate, book a hotel room instead, 30 percent my booking commission will go to helping familise like mary jane, there is alot of un married mothers that need support, yes i know should thought that before sex, we get drunk, we experiment and make mistakes, but these are un married working mothers, that just need that extra push and little extra, no child support or family tax credits there country, or housing support, they not work they starve and live streets, i only help those in work, like tax credits uk and only 12 months rent paid. and during that2 months, will trian them make business from home, this is no free ride. this is very many conditions and hard work for the mother getting support,  they must stay in work

the money goes direct housing office like local government england, pay d irect housing association or landlord, , money goes rent nothing more.

they will also be expected to promote and work for  travel agency for 12 months rent be paid

like people england are expected do 35 hours work related activity to get there jsa, and esa wrag
this is very real, if you not want donate, just book hotel room instead, 30 percent my net pay, will go helping maryjane

you can add and message maryjane and prove real