LULU is a 3 year old red cocker spaniel.  This morning, instead of a cuddle with an owner or a walk in the fields, Lulu was taken to the government run perrera (kill station) in Valencia and relinquished.  Her owner turned away and didn't look back, whilst Lulu stood at the bars of the cage (with running sewage at the back of her cell) and cried.  The perrera is only manned a few hours a day.  She is on her own now.

Apparently the owner couldn't afford to feed her and by the look of her, she hasn't seen much food lately.  We need to get her over to the UK.  We have done this before for SNOOP and SIDNEY, you have all opened your hearts to help us get the medical treatment they needed.  I am happy to foster and she has been offered rescue back up.


We have worked out the costs of getting Lulu out of this hell hole, vaccinated, spayed and over here:-

Release fee - 73 euros

Transport to residencia (boarding kennels to get her ready to travel) - 30 euros

Residencia fees (Friday, 19th Feb-Thursday, 10th March) 21 days at 2.50 euro/day - 52.50 euros

Full laboratory blood analysis and tests - 65 euros

(for leishmania, filaria, ehrlicia, ricksettia)

Vaccinations (2 parts)- 20 euros

Sterilisation - 100 euros

Deworming (repeats 6) - 6 euros

Transportation to UK - 297 euros

TOTAL 643 EUROS (£496)


I am happy to pay the fees associated with this Crowdfunding page and Paypal costs (please remember to use Friends and Family option) which equate to approximately 10% of any funds raised.