Help elect the first Green MP for Wyre Forest

Wyre Forest Green Party aims to elect its first MP so that social justice and green policy can be applied for the common good.


Wyre Forest Green Party aims to elect its first MP so that social justice and green policy can be applied for the common good.



Wyre Forest Green Party parliamentary candidate, Natalie McVey needs your help. 

She is counting on your support for her campaign to become the constituency’s first Green MP.

Natalie is the only candidate from a mainstream party in Wyre Forest to oppose austerity, privatisation, worsening inequality and the damaging way other politicians talk about immigration.

Instead she is a champion of equality, fairness and local democracy. She wants to give local people more of a say about how their public services are run and how their taxes are spent. She wants to make sure that everyone gets a fair deal. 

The problem with having policies that help rather than attack ordinary people is that she won’t receive funding from big business or from members of the wealthy elite. Her campaign is solely powered by local Green Party members and supporters. That is why she so urgently needs your help.

By donating to her campaign you can help ensure that the people of Wyre Forest get the opportunity to vote for the common good in May 2015.



Natalie is a local campaigner who has been actively working for the local community. As a local resident, she knows all too well the issues people face, and she is working alongside a team of dedicated volunteers to stand up for what matters in Wyre Forest.

From defending public services to ending animal cruelty, from championing sustainable energy to opposing fracking, Natalie is the alternative people are desperate for.

It's time to send a message to the tired old parties, that a different direction is called for.



Now, she needs your help to raise £800 to deliver 50,000 leaflets to homes in Bewdley, Kidderminster and Stourport. With a small donation of just £5 she will be able to deliver monthly newsletters to another 200 homes. £50 will help her send letters to undecided voters. £500 will help her fight a campaign on the same level as the other parties.

The Green Surge isn’t just media hype – its real people joining the Green Party as the only real alternative to the business as usual and creeping xenophobic approach of the other parties.

Help Natalie make every single Green vote count!


Please note, if your donation is over £50, under UK election law you need to be on the electoral register and we will need to know your name and address. Please email

Published and promoted by Philip Oliver on behalf of Wyre Forest Green Party and Natalie McVey c/o 47 Franche Road, Wolverley, Kidderminster DY11 5TU.