We're raising funds so the THREE of us can stand as Prospective Parliamentary Candidates for the Green Party in the General Election of 2015

We are the candidates of your local Green Party who are standing in the General Election of 2015 for the Green Party of England & Waleshttp://youtu.be/Sclh4MkpFeU


We believe that in a real democracy, people should be able to vote for any political party they believe in and not have to settle for the same old parties. That’s why we’re standing, to give the vote back to the British people.

We also believe that green policies make sense

Here are a few:

o YES to a Living Wage

o YES to affordable housing (that’s actually affordable)

o YES to investment in clean and renewable energy

o No to Austerity

o No to HS2

o And NO to the privatisation of our NHS


On the http://voteforpolicies.org.uk website, the Greens were the most popular for all three constituencies and, moreover, the whole of Britain. People should be given a real choice of who they vote for and what policies they vote for.


(figures taken from http://voteforpolicies.org.uk on 11/12/2014)

Accepting funding from big business can skew the priorities of a party, our priority is being a party for the people. So, with your help, we aim to raise £1,500 for all three of us to stand.


For more information on the candidates, please visit

Jem Bailey, High Wycombe - http://www.chilterngreenparty.org.uk/wycombe-ppc.html

Gill Walker, Chesham & Amersham - http://www.chilterngreenparty.org.uk/chesham-and-amersham.html

David Hampton, Beaconsfield - http://www.chilterngreenparty.org.uk/beaconsfield-ppc.htmlorfollow us on Twitter - @chilterngreens

Be part of the #greensurge

IMPORTANT: Donations of over £500 have to be reported to the electoral commission by the Green Party to ensure these donations are made by UK nationals; political parties may not accept donations of over £500 from those not registered to vote.


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