Help build an activity centre

Hello there! Help us build a centre for autistic young people to support their ambitions and goals.

Hello there! 

We are a care provider based in Leicestershire and we are want to build an activity centre for  young people who are disabled, autistic or with learning difficulties. 

Our team came up with the idea when we began working with an 18 year old autistic man with learning difficulties but with a passion for music and rap.

After struggling with his education and a difficult upbringing we have worked with him to build his confidence and in February 2016 we took him to his first ever recording studio. Prior to this we had never seen him so upbeat and excited and once he was in the studio he told us it was the best day of his life.

Since February we have been unable to fund such activities for him due to shortages in funding. We would like to build an activity centre which will help people like our client to fulfill their goals and ambitions. As well as a recording studio, the centre will have arts and crafts facilities, help with job searching, life coaching and support. 

Please help us with your generous donations and we can help make this a reality. 

All donations are welcome. 

P.S. If you are in the Leicestershire area and would like to enquire about becoming a care assistant/ support worker please contact us :)

Suleman Ali